Santi Molezún, is currently 48 years old, was born on July 28, 1970 in the city of Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña Galicia. Spain.

Throughout his childhood, adolescence and adulthood he devoted himself during 39 years to reading tarot cards, hand lines, coffee and coffee grounds, runes, African bones, to predict with astrology, graphology, numerology , and many other less known and even completely personal mancias such as bath foam. He specialized in Wiccan Magic, in high white and black witchcraft and spiritism. He is currently the forerunner of the Magic of Chaos movement in Spain.

Read the past, the present and the future with 78 cards, interpreting the right and inverted letters, and getting to guess very specific details of the people without them talking about anything of their private life, mysteriously get to see inside people and communicate with your soul or thoughts.

During his career he deserves to comment that not only has he excelled and worked as a tarot reader and seer, but for other important things, such as in 1993 he created an approach to design, create and use fashion, creating his own brand and line of Clothing: "Universal Fashion".

In 1990 he studied image and sound, before he studied photography at the arts and crafts school "Maestro Mateo" dedicated to the arts since he was very young. Santi touches many artistic facets, this mainly makes him peculiar and different. Multifaceted to the maximum degree, she has also been known as a professional drag queen as "Elvira la Galactica" in a group formed by 5 members called: "Las Quemmpostelas" pioneers of an emerging glam movement in Galicia in 1997, she has also designed a multitude of publicity, designed web pages, has had two esoteric shops one of more than 100 square meters in Bertamirans-Ames another in the monumental area of ​​Santiago de Compostela. Passionate about computers and a lot of cartoons, he has studied 4D cinema.

Since he was a child, he has appeared in various media, accustomed to attract attention with his way of being or answering through his great personality. In 2004 he participated in a reality show on a major national network: "The Castle of the Prodigious Minds". Later he will work presenting television programs in Spain and other countries, also with a lot of originality and a very characteristic style of his own and strongly imitated by his competition in other chains, after a few years of great success he has excelled as one of the most famous seers.

Currently since June 2016, he composes music from his own musical studio, produces, edits, mixes and composes for himself and for other artists. His special attention is towards electronic music, playing all the musical genres getting to fuse different cultures and instruments with a very characteristic harmony. He has released 6 albums on the market and continues to dedicate a large part of his time to it.

One of the most expensive clairvoyants in Spain, captained by the fame of his great successes and popularly known for being the best seer in the world.


Santi Molezún is considered the best visionary in the world, a man who began making clairvoyance with only 8 years of age. Their achievements are so impressive, that it has become a seer of high international prestige, reaching people from all places of the world. People throng to trying to get an appointment with the King of seers. Hits real with one of the most surprising powers of divination in its pure State: precognitive clairvoyance.


Santi Molezún he born in 1970, It is considered the best seer of the world. With 39 years of experience, seen by people all over the world. Recognized on television and in the press, Santi comes to media 1982. Since then his career is tireless and multifaceted long full of experiences . Currently he composed electronic music and continues to provide for your inquiry to anyone who needs it, personally or by telephone.





"Hi Santi,
just say you're awesome
I still do not understand as only through voice are you able to guess everything with such precision.
I have called three times and you've seen everything without giving you no data
You are the best."


"I felt well after 2 year and a half and it has been thanks to Santi, his voice and advice. I can only say thank you!. Anyone knows how it is the divination until consultation with a professional, He had done so and has never been so rewarding, I recommend it without a doubt. Worth and without asking me questions, that is what more has left me open-mouthed."


"It was incredible!!
Santi is the best, not only he reads you in the present and future, he also advises you what to do. Obviously,it deosn't tell you only what you like to hear, It tells you the raw truth,. It is worth every Euro paid!"